Sunday, February 16, 2014


Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm more of a country boy than a city slicker. I'm happy that so many people love living in the city since it keeps the countryside uncrowded (although I realize some are there only because that's where the jobs are, mostly). However, I don't mind taking the occasional trip in to see the sights.

A few days ago we packed up Sasha and the wagon (I'll have to let you see that soon) and headed for a stroll through a small piece of historic Fort Myers (winter home of Thomas Edison). If you're up for a little nostalgia, listen along to Petula (link below the last photo) while you walk with us ...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Tin Goose and I

I've had a love affair with airplanes since I was a young lad emigrating to Canada at the age of 6 aboard a KLM Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation - that's another whole story. This week I had the rare opportunity to experience the thrill of flying in an even older vintage aircraft - a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor, affectionately known as the Tin Goose. I am indebted to my wife (who spotted an ad for flights aboard the Tin Goose) and 2 of my daughters (who presented me with the flight as a birthday gift).

Should you be so inclined, there's lots of information on this remarkable aircraft online. However, you can follow my experience below:

passengers (9) on each flight attend a brief safety overview (FAA requirement)
before the flight there's an opportunity to make some photos
the 'luxurious' interior - unlikely able to accommodate today's 'carry on' luggage

one of the 3 engines that hurtle you to your destination at 90mph (145kmph)

all aboard and ready for takeoff

captain and co-pilot are eager to go (Note: no locked cockpit door)

doesn't look quite as sleek as today's airliners

ok - check out the view

pulling back into the 'terminal' (ps - no security checks beforehand either)

If you ever get the chance to fly in this piece of history, don't let it go by. Check out this site for more information.